A leading specialist in the supply of new and repurposed steel tubular products.

We have invested significantly to ensure we become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our construction and structural piling industry clients. We are also now perfectly positioned to offer services to the geotechnical, mining, water wells and minerals industries.

For decades we have had a keen focus on the circular economy. Our repurposed steel pipe is highly regarded in the construction piling industry and our sustainable steel pipe products now underpin many sites in the UK, Europe and beyond. We purchase steel tubulars from the oil and gas industry and repurpose them in our Montrose HQ, as a high-quality alternative to new manufactured prime steel products for construction, in a wide range of  industries such as Housing, Commercial, Infrastructure, Rail, Utilities, Renewables and Geothermal.


We are committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions and have undertaken a completely bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) based on our own unique steel tubular management processes.

The LCA tells us: John Lawrie Tubulars save 2163.95kgCO2e per tonne of steel product, which is 97.21% of the carbon emissions of a prime steel equivalent (cradle to gate).


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Ruco Ltd

No drawings of your soon to be decommissioned asset? Then you are not alone! But what to do about it?

RUCO is the UK and North Sea agent for IVM Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of underwater ROV and diver deployed photogrammetry equipment that is easy to install and does not require photogrammetry experts to operate. This technology allows operators with little or no drawings or records of soon to be decommissioned assets to create an “AS-IS” Digital Twin in 3D model of the asset which can be shared with all sub-contractors involved in the removal of the asset . the detail of the model is extremely high allowing measurements and analysis of the asset, this aiding the planned project. With such advanced modelling, the project will be better planned, safer and cost less to remove as there will be no surprises when everyone gets on site.

With a range of depth ratings from 100m to 3000m, the IVM Technologies Hydro series can be fitted to virtually any inspection RIOV, from the smallest to full heavy WCROV systems. And with a sub-millimetric measuring capability, fabrication required components can be made from the 3D model.

Esson Enegy Ltd

Business growth support for specialist service providers and technology developers

Our mission is to support SME’s maximise opportunties to develop and deploy their products in the offshore energy sector as it transitions from oil & gas to a net zero future.

  • Business consultancy
  • Technology development & deployment
  • Project management
  • Multi stakeholder engagement
  • Investor advisory

Peterhead Port Authority

Peterhead Port Authority operates the UK’s most unique all-purpose, deep water port 24/7/365. With more than 3km of berthing space at depths of up to 14m, we have a proud record of directly providing and supporting the provision of first-class facilities and services to the energy (oil and gas, renewables) and fisheries sectors.

The Port is supremely well located geographically to support the transition to net zero in Scotland by 2045, with carbon capture and storage, offshore wind projects and decommissioning already identified as providing significant opportunities for growth in the decades ahead.

DISA International

DISA, founded in 2003, is a dedicated provider of marine and subsea services. Over the years, DISA has broadened its scope to encompass various sectors requiring marine and underwater solutions. Initially rooted in marine salvage, DISA has since diversified and expanded globally, now operating under four distinct divisions: Civil Construction, Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Renewables, and Wreck Removal. Our company serves as a comprehensive service partner to clients worldwide and maintains its headquarters in Belgium, with additional offices located in the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States.