Rovco expands fleet with additional site survey vessel

Rovco, the leading provider of high-technology offshore wind solutions is now adding a second hull mounted survey vessel to its fleet with the long-term charter of the DP2 vessel Glomar Worker.  The four-year charter with Glomar comes in response to client demand for innovative geophysical and geotechnical survey solutions.

Rovco is now converting the sister vessel to the already contracted Glomar Supporter, already under long-term charter. After completion of these role specific upgrades, the vessel will launch as a specialised and dedicated geophysical survey asset to serve the offshore wind market.

Rovco’s newest survey vessel will be equipped with a hull mounted gondola and the highest specification sensor package, along with additional stern and starboard A-Frames to allow deployment of specialist towed survey equipment and multi sensor towing. Worker and her sister, Supporter, will now both enable full site data capture with seamless integration across data sets for temporal comparisons. Starlink and VSAT ship to ship and ship to shore communications will permit live streaming for real time decision making and the movement of some roles onshore.

The Worker will also be equipped with an Autonomous Surface Vessel operating as a force multiplier. Further efficiencies will come from its DP2 station keeping capability, which will enable wider working windows across survey and ROV inspections by providing a stable platform for launch and recovery in marginal weather.

Both vessels have permanently mobilized WROVs, enabling the completion of survey and inspection tasks in field, without return to port or the need for additional vessels in field.
These SubSLAM® enabled vehicles provide live, close to asset high resolution, precision 3D reconstructions and fully autonomous inspection capabilities.

Commenting on the impact of the charter, Craig Davis, Director of Site Characterisation at Rovco said: “We are delighted with our Site Characterisation business unit’s year one performance. By bringing the Glomar Worker into the fleet, we’re now able to provide our clients with increased surety in availability, force multiplication to complete projects more quickly and, importantly, offer a consistency in data collection and reporting.”

Expanding on those benefits, Marc Coull, Director of Operations and Maintenance added: “Our objective is to facilitate the offshore wind sector through the development and deployment of automated offshore wind services that aid the engineering, design construction, maintenance and performance of offshore wind farms.”

In summary Brian Allen, CEO, said: “We love this business, and we’re going to make our mark by bringing in great new technology to improve survey data quality and make offshore wind site characterisation way more cost effective”.


Picture caption: The Glomar Worker

About Rovco
Founded in 2016, Rovco is a high-tech offshore wind business helping to bring renewable energy to the forefront of the energy mix. The same capability is used to fulfil the world’s drive to clean up and decommission older infrastructure. The company focuses on the development and use of novel perception, data, and autonomy technology to bring the offshore industry into the twenty-first century, helping to further the growth of renewable energy in the marine space. For more information, visit www.rovco.com.