Phoenix Decom announces significant subsea waste recovery to boost North-East’s circular economy

Leading decommissioning waste sector specialist Phoenix Decom has announced the success of a new scheme strengthening its commitment to environmental protection.

New figures released by Aberdeen-based Phoenix shows how the company’s focus on sustainability-driven innovation positions them as industry trailblazers in repurposing thousands of tonnes of subsea decommissioned material from the North Sea for the benefit of the local region.

Key to putting words into action, Phoenix Decom has taken steps to diversify its service offering by managing more than 16,000 tonnes of concrete subsea mattresses – high strength concrete segments linked together with a network of polypropylene rope as a method of subsea pipeline support and stabilisation.

Over the last 12 months, Phoenix specialists have reused and recycled the concrete materials into aggregate to repurpose for building foundations of new agricultural buildings, roads and transport yards at locations across the North-East. Reuse massively reduces the energy required to crush and recycle the concrete and sits high in the waste hierarchy process.

This figure adds to a total of 40,000 tonnes of recycled or reused materials since Phoenix’s inception in 2021.

Phoenix Decom is based in the city and has strategically located licensed operational quayside outlets at the ports in Aberdeen, Peterhead, and Lerwick. With a knowledgeable team of trusted industry professionals with a collective experience of more than 200 years, Phoenix has flourished to become the leading one-stop shop for independent, modern, integrated solutions for the management and disposal of decommissioning waste in the subsea sector.

Commenting on an impressive sustainable performance to date, Phoenix Decom Managing Director Craig Smith said, “Our decision to pursue reuse opportunities for many of these mattresses reduces the carbon footprint of the projects and has not only delivered huge savings for our clients but has also benefited local businesses by supporting the region’s circular economy.

“We are proud to be industry frontrunners when it comes to fostering sustainable practices in the decommissioning sector. As an industry, we all have a responsibility to minimise environmental impact for future generations alongside supporting our clients’ net zero targets.

“The technology exists to salvage and transform decommissioned subsea material for new practical and functional purposes and our latest figures demonstrate the positive impact our environmentally focused efforts are having across the local region.”

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Notes to Editors:

About Phoenix Decom

Phoenix Decom aims to be recognized as the leading specialist for integrated onshore service to effectively support subsea decommissioning activities.  With a focus on sustainable performance, customer service and full legal compliance, the company employs a team with collective experience of more than 200 years and is a dedicated, trusted partner for its clients.  With a deeper sense of responsibility, Phoenix Decom is committed to minimising environmental impact for future generations, supporting clients’ net zero targets.

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