Our Decom Mission – A message to members from CEO Sam Long

I’m writing to you to make you aware of a significant change, and it’s something you may have picked up on over the past few weeks.


As of today, our new brand – Decom Mission – is effective and I’m delighted to officially introduce it to you.

Rebrands aren’t uncommon in this industry, with many representing an acquisition or a merger.  However, our rebrand simply serves to underline the direction of the organisation, which is in line with the broader trends of the Energy Transition. As the whole energy industry undergoes a period of significant change, and decommissioning activity accelerates, there is literally no industry body better placed to inform and represent decommissioning across the energy sector, and this is where our new identity comes in.

This has been some time in the making. When interviewed by Energy Voice in late 2022, we made it clear that our focus on our members needed to be rekindled and so we have spent the past year having conversations with you about what’s working and where we can genuinely help and provide return on membership.

To that end, the organisation’s original objective remains; Decom North Sea was created to signpost the opportunities ahead and has ably guided its members in this respect for well over a decade.

Decom Mission will build upon that legacy, and whilst we will focus on the current market opportunities offered as the UKCS decom sector truly comes of age, we will also highlight the international opportunities and encourage diversification into the emerging decom markets of nuclear and renewables. In other words, we are here to lead your decommissioning journey.

To do so effectively, our rebrand is just one part of a wider strategy which ensures on-going, increased value for members.  We will continue to deliver relevant, timely and cost-effective events and networking, alongside a specific commitment to provide members with improved data, strategic insight, a global, cross-sector decom community and focused member advocacy.

This is our Decom Mission. 

Join us at Decom Week 2023 to learn more, or contact me directly to discuss further.


Sam Long
Chief Executive Officer, Decom Mission