The new Scotoil?

Site visits to member companies are always enjoyable – it’s great to meet teams who are keen to explain what they do, how they do it and where they see their role in Late Life and Decommissioning. Occasionally you also get a reminder that some footprints are bigger than you imagine though, as is the case with the 4.3 acre site that is the Tradebe Scotoil premises, located on Miller Street in Aberdeen Harbour.

With a 40 year trading history Scotoil is a “well kent face” in the north east of Scotland oil and gas community – and one that should be more regularly referred to by its formal name, Tradebe Scotoil. As decontamination and waste management specialists, with a particular focus on Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) this team is renowned for on and offshore assessment and management of contaminated materials. As part of the Tradebe organisation Scotoil now utilises and shares an industrial waste capability that covers the UK and much of Europe. Specialist services managed from the Aberdeen location include Radioactive Protection Supervisors (RPS), laboratory and classification and decontamination services, the latter using High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure jetting systems and water treatment plant. Final disposal is off-site via the Tradebe high temperature incinerator (one of only two such licensed facilities in the UK), ensuring continuous duty of care from quayside to ultimate disposal via best available technique solutions.

With a relatively new and yet deeply experienced management team now in place, Tradebe Scotoil invited Callum and I for a site visit to discuss current and future decommissioning capability and activity. Like many other members, Scotoil is noting a steady increase in decommissioning activity as assets increasingly age in the North Sea. In response to this, Scotoil now offers a new suite of services to match this demand trend, operating a full Project and Waste Management capability for decommissioned assets, be they from subsurface, subsea or topsides.

Successful, cost-effective decommissioning is going to be reliant on a successful and thriving supply chain and the DNS team will always advocate and promote services such as those provided by Scotoil that are a fit for what is needed – with the right approach and a dedicated focus.