Romar International and Abrado Wellbore Services Merge to Form ROMAR-Abrado

Romar International, experts in magnet separation and Abrado Wellbore Services, industry leaders in precision milling and the facilitation of rock-to-rock barrier placements, are merging their identities to form Romar-Abrado.

The combined entities will offer advanced milling and swarf handling services to deliver permanent, verifiable, emission-free well barriers and highly predictable alternative zonal isolation solutions to the plugging and abandonment (P&A) industry.

Romar-Abrado has been collaborating as sister companies since November 2020. Officially coming together under a new identity in April 2022, the combined businesses have delivered several projects to a global customer base.

Commenting on the merger, Jason Broussard, Chief Executive Officer at Romar-Abrado, said: “The alignment of the Romar International and Abrado brand is a significant next step in our continued journey as one. Coupling innovative technology with years of collective industry experience, our combined entities offer solutions that complement one another and tackle even the most complex challenges.

“The merging of our identities signifies a step-change in our operational endeavours. We’re pleased to welcome a range of new talent to our leadership team following an organisation-wide restructure. Notably, we’ve onboarded David Stokes as our Chief Technology Officer to oversee a technology roadmap that optimises job performance, solves client challenges, and drives collective growth.”

David Stokes, Chief Technology Officer at Romar-Abrado, added: “Romar International and Abrado Wellbore Services is renowned for its cutting-edge technology that increases efficiency, preserves asset life, and minimises the risk of downtime. Performance efficiency is the cornerstone of the Romar-Abrado experience. Pairing Abrado’s MEDUSA® technology with Romar’s years of industry expertise, Romar-Abrado offers a crucial and reliable service that delivers impeccable performance. With several large projects on the horizon, we strive to become the first-choice supplier to the P&A market.”