James Fisher to address needs of expanding decommissioning market with launch of dedicated business line

  • JF Decommissioning (JF Decom) will consolidate capabilities across the James Fisher group to provide support to the decommissioning needs of customers in the renewables and oil and gas markets
  • Current decommissioning capabilities offered by James Fisher Offshore will transfer into JF Decom to provide a dedicated service capability through a single point of contact
  • JF Decom to provide an ‘end-to-end’ service capability in areas such as subsea infrastructure removal, structural removal, well severance and well abandonment.

James Fisher, a leading provider of innovative marine solutions and specialised engineering services, announces the launch of its new business line James Fisher Decommissioning (JF Decom), which will support the decommissioning needs of customers in the renewables and oil and gas markets by delivering considerable cost and time saving solutions.

Highly responsive due to its ability to draw on the extensive assets and capabilities of the James Fisher group, JF Decom will provide customers with access to a dedicated, multi-disciplined team that reduces the number of contractual interfaces, to provide an end-to-end service delivery capability in complex decommissioning scopes including: subsea infrastructure removal; structural removal, well severance, and well abandonment.

With one of the world’s largest fleets of decommissioning tooling and in-house design and engineering capability, JF Decom will be able to support the demanding rise in decommissioning projects worldwide from strategically located assets and resources to deliver considerable cost and time saving solutions that are critical to achieving regulatory guidance of a 35% reduction in decommissioning costs, a target mapped out by the Oil & Gas Authority in 2016.

In building its highly skilled team, JF Decom utilises the extensive expertise of James Fisher Offshore, which has assisted operators in the installation and maintenance of oil and gas platforms – many of which will be decommissioned as the industry adapts to the energy transition. The in-depth knowledge of the differences between these platforms, allows JF Decom to deploy the most appropriate methodology and technology to optimise the delivery of a decommissioning project.

JF Decom’s services also include the innovative well abandonment tool SEABASS, a strategic investment made in 2021, that provides a more cost effective and quicker alternative to rig-based solutions when abandoning category 2 wells, due to its ability to deploy from a vessel of opportunity and work in any water depth.

Jack Davidsonmanaging director at JF Decom states:

“Increasing demand for experienced decommissioning experts within the energy industry presents an opportunity for the group to focus on what it does best – providing tailored and pioneering solutions to address customer challenges. 

“In addition to the challenges faced by customers to conduct decommissioning activities as timely and cost effectively as possible, JF Decom is also dedicated to ensuring that decommissioning is conducted as sustainably as possible by restoring the seabed to its natural state. With our noise attenuation tools such as Bubble Curtains we can also minimise environmental impact to marine life during decommissioning works and ensuring we provide environmentally responsible services is something that is at the forefront for JF Decom.”

JF Decom follows the launch of JF Renewables in March 2021. These two James Fisher brands will be able to work independently or collaboratively to support the drive to net zero by providing full support services to the oil and gas and renewable markets in the installation, maintenance and decommissioning of assets.