Ashtead Technology develops new optical chain measurement system

International subsea rental equipment and solutions specialist Ashtead Technology has developed a new optical chain measurement system (CMS) to provide highly accurate and repeatable mooring chain measurements to track chain corrosion, wear and elongation between surveys, combined with inclination measurement to verify chain tension.

Using high resolution video combined with machine vision algorithms, Ashtead Technology’s new optical CMS reduces chain measurement time by more than 50% and provides real-time results.

Ashtead Technology is a market leader in mooring system inspection having completed over 200 projects worldwide. With a strong culture for innovation and continuous improvement, Ashtead Technology’s new optical CMS offers substantial operational time and cost advantages over other technologies such as mechanical calipers, photogrammetry and laser measurement systems.

Tyler de Gier, General Manager of Ashtead Technology’s mooring inspection and asset integrity business, said: “Ashtead Technology has 37 years’ experience developing and operating ROV-based technology in every major offshore energy region worldwide and we are committed to investing in the development of new technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of underwater inspection applications.

“Our new optical CMS is considered to be the most accurate and reliable mooring chain measurement system in the market, delivering real-time measurement of chain dimensions within seconds of tool placement. The system is particularly well suited for chain measurement in high-motion environments and we recently carried out successful field trials in the North Atlantic, under conditions that no other technologies would be able to contend with.

“We are seeing extremely strong uptake so far for the new optical CMS which is enabling our customers to make faster and more informed decisions about the integrity and future performance of their subsea assets and infrastructure.”

The development of Ashtead Technology’s new optical CMS was supported in part by advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program.