AISUS Announces Senior Appointment

AISUS, a part of Valor Energy group and a leading remote inspection company, today announced the appointment of Barry Marshall as General Manager of AISUS.

The company has achieved remarkable milestones with the development of new technologies and a robust data management platform.  These innovative technologies, including external crawler based inspection, digital x-ray and Gemini, a cloud-based advanced reporting system, complement their existing reputation as industry leaders in splash zone inspections.  With a team of highly experienced inspection and data specialists, AISUS have positioned themselves for international growth and the further development of AI and machine learning technologies.

Barry has been an integral part of the AISUS success story and has demonstrated exceptional leadership and competence throughout his journey at the company.  Barry’s deep understanding of the business, combined with his strategic vision, makes him the ideal candidate to lead AISUS into its next phase of growth.

“We are thrilled to have Barry take on this new responsibility. His track record of success within our organisation and his broad understanding of our industry makes him the perfect fit for the position”, Graeme McNay, CEO, Valor Energy Group.