Acteon realigns to accelerate offshore renewables growth

Acteon announces a new structure to further accelerate its growth in offshore renewables. Three new client-facing service divisions, Data and Robotics, Engineering, Moorings and Foundations, and Energy Services, represent a further milestone in the implementation of the strategy Acteon unveiled in 2021 to deliver services with demonstrable commercial and environmental benefits that help to enable the energy transition.

“This new structure better aligns our service offering to closely match the needs of clients in the offshore renewables arena,” says Carl Trowell, Acteon Group Chief Executive. “Simplifying Acteon’s structure and bringing key business units closer together will also accelerate our ability to innovate and provide new services relevant to the energy transition.”

Acteon’s new organisational structure will streamline and support an ambitious R&D and technology innovation programme delivered by its segments and business units. This will put Acteon’s services at the forefront of the industry and will prioritise closer innovation and efficiencies for, and collaboration with its clients.

The group’s latest digital technology, robotics and remote capabilities will be showcased at the Acteon Technology Days in Houston on 28 and 29 April 2022. The event, in an open-house format, will enable the new divisions to display their latest technologies and will feature presentations and live demonstrations