Looking to the future – A site visit with LMS (Load Monitoring Systems)

It is always a pleasure to visit member businesses. This is an opportunity to gain insight into the proverbial “nuts and bolts”, meet the team, and share learnings and observations. This is a two-way process, but the biggest take away is often how passionate people are about the product and services they offer.


LMS premises, Claymore Drive, Aberdeen Energy Park


Intelligent lifting equipment specialists LMS Load Monitoring Systems, located in (relatively new) premises in Aberdeen Energy Park, typify this – with an energised team, a professional approach, and a keen eye on the future. It’s a good reminder of how the supply chain in the energy sector is both specialised and evolving.

Led by Kirk Anderson, Millar Kennedy and their Team , LMS are specialists in load monitoring and offer a broad suite of digital tools and intelligent lifting equipment to a variety of industries. Originating in the global oil and gas sector, LMS is actively working to ensure it has products and services relevant to the emerging Energy Transition, with diversification into decommissioning, renewables, aquaculture, and more recently entertainment. This reflects broad trends that we see with other members – whilst the North Sea and the international oil and gas market remains a foundation of each enterprise there is a recognition that the future will look and feel different. Enlightened teams are looking to adapt to this future, whilst also continuing to develop new services for the oil and gas industry. LMS has reacted to recent market needs with a suite of innovative products, tailored to industry specific requirements, for project specific lifting applications. Meanwhile future challenges include increasing calls for subsea load monitoring and measurement, with the ability to data capture results.

LMS offer a combination of product and service, with in-house design, engineering, testing, calibration and product development, field hands, logistics, administration, and management, all delivered from a small but experienced Team of industry professionals based in Aberdeen. Keen to use local providers, LMS interact and collaborate with several companies and suppliers in Aberdeen and the North East area, whilst being supported by strategic partners and an Austrian investor. Strong marketing and a keen nose have led to increasing volumes of work, progress into emerging sectors and expansion in new locations, such as the newly appointed Business Development role for the Americas, based in Houston Texas.


LMS Products


We often discuss market challenges with members, be they the recovery from COVID19 or the impact of Brexit, and in many cases discussion passes to services provided by trade bodies, regulators, and agencies. In this instance LMS readily acknowledge support given by the likes of Scottish Enterprise, alongside fellow trade bodies to DNS, AGCC, GUH and LEEA, which is a reminder of how broad the ecosystem is within the energy sector. DNS is in regular contact with these and other bodies on behalf of members and are always keen to be a conduit for feedback, good or bad.

We owe thanks to LMS for being keen, informative, and excited hosts and members, including participation in the DNS Decom Leadership Group; with much to share and look forward to supporting them in the future.

by Sam Long, Decom North Sea CEO