Total Safety Services

Total Safety Services

Our Mission is to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide (W3).

Every day, hundreds of Total Safety employees throughout Europe dedicate themselves with heart and soul to the safety and wellbeing of our customers, their employees and contractors, and our own colleagues.

We manage the toughest safety challenges in the world at the most demanding and sophisticated global energy, chemical and service companies. Our key customer retention rate is exemplary. It is Total Safety’s goal to consistently review and improve the equipment, technology and processes that support an incident-free work environment, help ensure compliance and keep your business operating efficiently at all times– we have what it takes to manage all your high risk safety needs.

Our HE Technicians are trained Gas Analyst technicians and also qualified Radiation Protection Supervisors. If you have a higher risk operation where you think you may need extra protection, we can deploy personnel to conduct a site survey and then offer advice on what you require to protect your workforce. Our HE Techs, when deployed, can conduct inductions on H2S and other gases, BA use and wear, NORM protection and monitoring and also complete face fitting. They can rig-up a cascade if needed, deploy and maintain any breathing apparatus, conduct gas tests and NORM checks. They will also act as an adviser to our client to ensure the workforce is safe and that operations can continue if any hazards are found. Our aim is to ensure the wellbeing of all personnel with zero incidents and also to allow operations to continue when in a hazardous environment.

Total Safety’s Breathing Air Cascade Systems have set the standard in safety and performance. Our Cascade systems are the most trusted and reliable solution for long duration work when using breathing apparatus. Each Cascade system features a breathing air compressor connected to air cylinders and control panel which allows up to 20 users to breathe simultaneously.

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