Scanmudring’s goal is to be a full-service provider for all services related to seabed intervention and subsea cutting within decommissioning and have personnel with decades of experience for both seabed intervention and subsea cutting operation and design. The goal is to provide a “one-stop-shop” for these services that will save time and money, increase safety and service and working seamlessly with contractor/EPRD for the end client. Our client base ranges from Clients like Equinor, AkerBP, Harbour Energy and most other operators in the North Sea to EPRD- and subsea contractors like Heerema Marine Contractors, Allseas, Boskalis, Subsea7, TechnipFMC, DOF Subsea, AF Gruppen and more.

Scanmudring has an extensive track record in seabed intervention for decommissioning. Using our 40Te Scanmachine (subsea tracked excavator) allows us to work in zero visibility, in strong currents, subsea lifting capacity of 18,8Te and use the most powerful tools available for seabed intervention. Access below mud mats/seabed level for external cutting tools, drill cut removal, hard soil removal (up to 203Mpa track record), grout removal and rock replacement before jack-up installation have been successful in the past.
Scanmudring also has services for soil plug removal, diamond wire cutting, removal of internal obstacles inside jacket legs and more.

Scanmudring has developed a new abrasive cutting system and internal cutting tools together with known suppliers. It has a dedicated cut verification system, designed based on standard abrasive suspension systems and internal cutting tools ranging up to 120 inches.

Scanmudring Abrasive Cutting System (SACS) – the safest, most efficient and advanced abrasive cutting system on the market.

Over the last two decades, digitalisation has been an essential factor within manufacturing and operating various equipment for the Oil & Gas industry. Scanmudring has digitalised all aspects for the full abrasive cutting spread including the Scanmudring Abrasive Cutting System (SACS), HP pumps from Hammelmann, winches, HPPs and several cutting tools for internal- and external cutting.

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