Lerwick Port Authority

Lerwick Port Authority

Lerwick is one of the first UK ports to handle major offshore industry decommissioning projects. The port’s proximity to oil and gas activities in the northern North Sea and Atlantic, complemented by its deep-water capabilities, mean the harbour is ideally positioned to meet the needs of the industry in the recycling and disposal of large structures.

With two entrances, the sheltered, deep-water port is open to shipping in all weathers operating 24 hours a day, handling over 5,000 vessels per year. Lerwick’s natural attractions as an extensive, all-weather harbour are enhanced with modern infrastructure, much of which servicing the oil and gas industry, including decommissioning projects, to handle the latest construction/heavy lift and diving support vessels.

Dales Voe has been identified in a nation-wide feasibility study as the optimal location for the UK’s ultra deep-water decommissioning facility. It is an ideal location for an ultra-deep quay to allow Semi-Submersible Crane Vessels an alongside UK port solution for offshore operations and decommissioning.

Key advantages in using Lerwick Harbour include deep-water quays suitable for the largest offshore construction / supply vessels; reduced sailing times for SSCV and support vessels; reduced towage times; shorter sailing distances resulting in smaller weather windows required and a reduction in downtime offshore; zero port closures and facilities ideally suited to support offshore operations.

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