Exceed (Holdings) Ltd (XCD)

Exceed (Holdings) Ltd (XCD)

With in-house technical expertise and several strategic alliances with leading marine services providers, our decommissioning team offer unrivalled experience to tackle a wide range of decommissioning scenarios, from well abandonment to complete subsea pipeline removal.

Having installed, worked over, or abandoned in excess of 100 wells in the UK North Sea, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to tackle a wide range of well decommissioning scenarios, from the simple, requiring only light intervention vessels, to the more complex, requiring rig intervention.

In partnership with various marine service providers, we supply extensive capability ranging from well abandonment to topside and pipeline cleaning, and complete topside, jacket and subsea pipeline removal.

We offer a fully integrated approach to well decommissioning – from outline work scopes through to detailed planning and management of the operation – providing peace of mind, regulatory compliance and safe, seamless execution.

Our in-house decommissioning feasibility studies provide a comprehensive assessment of your decommissioning requirements and the associated safety, liability, risked time and cost estimates.

Our existing service agreements and proactive interface with pipelines, platforms, asset integrity and other facilities providers ensures a joined-up approach and seamless execution of your well decommissioning projects.

We support you by:

Undertaking decommissioning feasibility studies
Full review and evaluation of the current status of wells identified for decommissioning
Determining the most cost-effective method by which wells can be fully ‘made safe’ for initial suspension
Programming and executing full abandonment and recovery of subsea infrastructure associated with the wells
Providing safe and effective containment of well pressures and hydrocarbon inventory
Ensuring subsea equipment is effectively terminated and safely recovered to surface for onshore disposal
Recommending methods for reducing waste disposal requirements
Innovative incentive-based master service agreements for rigs, vessels and equipment for decommissioning campaigns.

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