AF Offshore Decom UK Ltd

AF Offshore Decom UK Ltd

Clearing up the past, building for the future

In the past two decades AF Offshore Decom has as the main contractor and consortium partner safely prepared, removed, dismantled and recycled more than 300.000 tons of oil & gas infrastructure from the North Sea. Our extensive track record includes more than 45 offshore installations and beyond 5 million project man-hours of decommissioning experience both offshore & onshore.

As a dedicated, focused player we are a catalyst for the oil and gas industry’s transition by offering integrated decommissioning solution for the global offshore market increasing customer efficiency, mitigating risk and maximizing the recycling potential.

Our experience and large in-house capabilities enable us to handle any projects. We will lead and shape the market for environmentally friendly decommissioning offshore. We are a part of the circular economy and are committed to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future

In a world where resources are finite and the earth’s ability to absorb carbon emissions have been depleted, the future rests on our ability to recycle and reuse resources and materials. This is our commitment.

This is our core business – and only business.

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