As the international energy industry undergoes a period of significant change as we transition towards a net zero future, and decommissioning activity accelerates, there is literally no industry body better placed to inform and independently represent decommissioning across the energy sector.


Decom Mission was established in 2009 with the objective to connect the operator and supply chain communities in the North Sea oil and gas industry’s decommissioning sector.

14 years later, our objective remains the same, but now we operate within a global context.

Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas assets represents a pivotal step within the energy transition and the North Sea industry is viewed as a centre of decommissioning excellence, providing guidance on best practice to emergent decom regions.

Decommissioning of oil and gas assets will account for decades of activity. In addition to well P&A and asset removal, disposal, recycling and re-use, this activity includes supporting emissions reduction during late life operations and the repurposing of existing infrastructure.

Regardless of location, our fundamental objective remains unchanged: to signpost the opportunities ahead for our members in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Australia and beyond.

Our international hubs and UK headquarters provide business guidance, data and strategic market insight, member advocacy and events designed to let you make informed connections.


As the renewable energy sector continues to evolve, questions begin to be raised over the eventual decommissioning of onshore and offshore renewable assets and its associated regulations.

In a strikingly similar position to the oil and gas industry of the 1990s and 2000s, there are several key topics around renewable energy decommissioning, which require answers:

  • What are the considerations for late life renewable asset management
  • What are the long term CAPEX and OPEX requirements and where do they lie?
  • Who will help create the blueprint for renewable asset decommissioning processes and procedures?
  • What are the required services and technologies?

As the international decommissioning sector’s only independent trade organisation, our supply chain, operator and regulatory connections are unsurpassed and expertly matched to the future needs of renewables.

Decom Mission has the experience, market knowledge and connections to help develop the lexicon of decommissioning in the renewable sector, sharing lessons learned, articulating recommendations and interpreting and challenging legislation in this new space.


Nuclear decommissioning is a significant, global market with many similarities to oil and gas decommissioning in that it often requires bespoke solutions, delivered in hazardous environments. Look deeper into this sector and it is apparent that the majority of decommissioning work relates to standard, rather than hazardous waste and that there is a need for an extensive, diverse and engaged Supply Chain. In other words, even more reason for similarities and cross over with oil and gas activity. Working with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority in the UK, Decom Mission strives to foster cross-sector appetite for work and overall innovation in both sectors through events and awareness raising.

Below, you can access some publicly available documents from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Organisational Learning Good Practice Guidenuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Metallic Waste Treatment Opportunitiesnuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Digital Fluidity Across the Energy Sectornuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Net Zero 2050- The challenges of setting effective targetsnuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Commercial Models for Decommissioningnuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Sustainable Regional Economiesnuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Design for Decommissioningnuclear-decommissioning-authorityworkshop-reports
Decommissioning Learnings – Sharing good practice across industrial sectors 2020-2021nuclear-decommissioning-authorityannual-reports
Decommissioning Learnings – Sharing good practice across industrial sectors 2020nuclear-decommissioning-authorityannual-reports
Draft Business plan 2020 to 2023nuclear-decommissioning-authoritynuclear
Mission Progress Reportnuclear-decommissioning-authoritynuclear


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