Ashtead Technology signs rental agreement with OceanTools

Ashtead Technology signs rental agreement with OceanTools International subsea rental equipment and solutions specialist Ashtead Technology has signed an exclusive rental agreement with Aberdeen based OceanTools, a subsea engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of underwater technologies.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ashtead Technology will be the exclusive rental partner for OceanTools’ DyeTectors™ systems, including the latest D10 DyeTector ®, an advanced subsea leak, dye and cement detector developed with three sets of optical components to detect the three primary dyes used for underwater detection – rhodamine, ultraviolet and fluorescein – using a single compact device.

Brian Hector, OceanTools, Technical Sales Manager, said: “We are delighted that Ashtead Technology will be promoting our range of OceanTools DyeTector™ systems including the new D10 DyeTector ®. We look forward to working together to supply our innovative products to their extensive global network and dedicated customer base. The new rental agreement is an important strategic opportunity for OceanTools and will significantly support the steep growth of our business”.

Brett Lestrange, Ashtead Technology’s Regional Director for Europe, added: “The exclusive agreement with OceanTools further enhances our existing inventory of leak detection equipment for underwater survey and inspection operations. It also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the global offshore energy market by offering the latest and most technologically advanced technologies to support our customers’ projects worldwide.
“We look forward to seeing these systems performing in the field and delivering excellent results for our customers.”
OceanTools’ DyeTector™ systems are used to detect leaks from underwater infrastructure such as manifolds, wellheads or pipelines if a suitable dye has been added to the infrastructure fluids. They can also be used during casing cementing operations to detect cement returns if a tracer dye is added to either the seawater spacer or to the cement itself.
The powerful ROV mounted D10 DyeTector ® uses the same technology capable of detecting single photons of light as the single channel D7 DyeTector ®, which enables it to detect down to single digit parts per billion of dye dissolved in water. This makes it ideal for detecting the very smallest of leaks or dye dosed cement.

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About Ashtead Technology:
Ashtead Technology is a leading provider of equipment rental solutions, advanced underwater technologies and support services to the global offshore energy sector.

Through three service lines – Survey & Robotics, Mechanical Solutions and Asset Integrity – Ashtead Technology supports the installation, IMR (inspection, maintenance & repair), and decommissioning of offshore energy infrastructure from its service centres located in key offshore energy hubs throughout the world.
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About OceanTools
OceanTools is a world leading subsea engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of equipment for the professional offshore and underwater markets. Established in
1997 and headquartered in Aberdeen, OceanTools have designed and developed an extensive product portfolio. Deployed in harsh environments, applications include offshore survey, subsea
drilling and ROV operations. To find out more, visit www.oceantools.co.uk