Mactech Europe Ltd

Mactech Europe Ltd

Machtech Europe was established in 1995 to sell and rent pipe cutting and bevelling equipment and is now recognised as being a world class specialist provider of portable precision pipe-severing and bevelling machines throughout Europe.

Mactechs portfolio of machines also includes a range of Diamond Wire Saw Cutters for subsea and topside cutting of a variety of materials and types of projects. These saws are ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members. Successfully tried and tested in the Gulf of Mexico following the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina these machines get the job done effectively, efficiently and quickly.

Typical uses include offshore decommissioning, and subsea or topside maintenance. Their compact and robust design creates an ideal cutting environment, reducing setup, installation, and removal time – saving our customers time and money.

In addition, Mactech Europe is also uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of additional On-Site Machining Services both in the UK and Internationally. When utilising these services customers will receive the latest technologies in equipment supported by professional technicians who are experts in operation, repair and assembly of every tool. All this is backed by a fully stocked machine parts and spares department which means downtime is a rare event.


Mactech Europe Ltd
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