DECO Subsea (Diving, Engineering & Consultancy Office)

DECO Subsea (Diving, Engineering & Consultancy Office)

DECO provides subsea services to inshore and offshore marine contractors.

DECO maintains a creative and experienced team of divers, technicians and engineers and has successfully developed and implemented innovative subsea technology in four market segments:

Oil & gas
Offshore renewables
Salvage & wreck removal
Marine civils
DECO’s signature ULTRA-High-Pressure Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Technology sets the industrial benchmark in subsea cutting and removal operations. DECO excels in subsea construction and decommissioning projects all over the world. Basically DECO assists marine contractors with:

Bespoke robotized cutting applications
Specialist dredging and cleaning applications
Professional diving activities
ROV services
DECO prides itself in working closely with its clients to develop a bespoke and innovative solution. DECO’s services are designed for seamless integration in offshore project workflows. DECO is ISO-9001 and OHSAS-18001 accredited.

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