Claxton Engineering Ltd

Claxton Engineering Ltd

Claxton, a Cutting and Decommissioning brand in Acteon’s Energy Services division is a global leading engineering and service provider for the decommissioning of subsea and platform marine assets. With an unrivalled knowledge and 30 years+ experience of delivering innovative class-leading offshore engineering solutions, Claxton understands that operators are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and optimise asset performance. Claxton applies experience, coupled with extensive in-house tailored engineering capabilities and a proven record of managing successful campaigns, making them the confident choice for upstream projects.

Claxton reduce the cost and complexity of removing marine infrastructure through expert engineering to leave a clean seabed and no future risk to the environment.

At Claxton, we offer a single point of contact to drive project efficiency. We manage and retain key information throughout a project’s life cycle and deliver a truly integrated solution for high-quality well and infrastructure removal. In-house engineering, CNC manufacturing and fabrication capabilities and experience enable us to respond quickly to customers’ needs and to develop bespoke solutions including the build of new equipment.

Claxton bring new, efficiency-enhancing technologies to market by combining customer engagement with operational experience, engineering expertise and industry-leading domain knowledge. The global technology brands we have created include SWAT™, WellRaizer® and SABRE™, which provide efficient and alternative approaches to well abandonment project

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